Clarice Starling / Jodie Foster


This was drawn at the same time as the Hannibal one (on the same A0 sheet) but finished the next day. I went to see a Derren Brown show in the evening (Enigma) in Plymouth. Coincidentally, the Goldberg Variations (music that Hannibal listens to in his Baltimore cage) were used in the Derren Brown show.

Here’s something crazy – whilst drawing, I ate an apple and stupidly allowed a tiny piece of apple to hit the picture. When trying to get it off the drawing, it smudged in even more, creating that dark patch on her right upper cheek. I was gutted, and almost tore it up. When I later saw the film again, I was stunned to see that she actually gets bruised in that exact same place, in the self-storage facility scene.

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