Sandra Bullock


Yes, yes this was as a result of Gravity. What can I say? I was all enchanted and blown-away by it. I do like Sandra Bullock, she seems to attract some criticism and I have no idea why. In interviews she’s one of the most loveliest, down to earth and decent actresses I know of.

I did love seeing Gravity at the cinema. I know, as with all hyped movies, it becomes much more intellectual and satisfying to pick at it and be one of the ones who just didn’t care for it. Well fuck all that, I loved it. I do realise that the story isn’t particularly deep, but its not that kind of a movie. Its a cinematic experience, its not a multi-layered political thriller about institutionalisation.

When I first thought I’d finished the drawing, it didn’t look right at all, and much comparing with the source photo led me to realise that the nose was wrong. She has a tricky ol’ nose does Bullock, and I had to erase it and start again.

Whilst drawing I listened to Four Tet and Sigur Ros.

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