Sandy Johnson, RIP.

Sandy was my close friend Robyn’s mum who sadly passed away from a long battle with cancer in April 2018. She was such a lovely woman, a deep soul with a fun sense of humour, always creative, and an amazing mum. Sandy made this incredible dessert dish called Ginger Ale Salad at thanksgiving (recipe below, as given by Robyn).

1 4oz pkg (little box) lemon jello (do you have jello?-gelatin?)
1 8oz bar cream cheese
1 8oz can crushed pineapple (drain it!)
1 cup chopped pecans (or walnuts could work if don’t have pecans. They might be a southern nut!)
3/4 cup ginger ale
1 cup boiling water
let cream cheese soften to room temperature
pour jello dry mix onto the cheese and mix together
pour 1 cup boiling hot water onto the jello/cheese mix
once dissolved, pour in drained pineapple, nuts and ginger ale. Stir until blended. Refrigerate until chilled (2-3hours) and solid

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