Dino Dog


Dino Dog (Dino is pronounced Deano, not Dyno) is my parents dog, and he really is a gent. He’s affectionate, playful, emotionally intelligent, curious, and really well mannered. He’ll sit in the most regal way, all proper and perfect, looking at you quizzically for some recognition of how proper he’s being.

This was my first attempt at using colouring pencils. There are 8 different shades happening in his fur alone. For the blue to balance out his coat, I had to buy a new set of colours because I only had autumnal colours. This was a Christmas present for my Mum.





Above – Dino loves to treasurize things – he’ll find an object lying around, then hold it up between his paws and go into a strange trance for a short while.

Because of this, here’s the birthday card I made for Mum (she’s also a fan of Gravity):


…and her mother’s day card shortly after:


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