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Hi, thanks for finding my site. I live in Cullompton, near Exeter, Devon, UK. I started drawing absolute guff when I was about 9 years old, being inspired by a book of those cool M.C.Escher pictures to draw hands, optical illusions etc. I stopped in my teens, picking it up again in my thirties as a way to relax and take a break from the general interruptions of life. I wanted to just share a few bits and pieces here, mostly because a few respected friends encouraged me to, but I appreciate it seems a bit self-centred. There are a few digital and writing projects I’m more keen to share at some point soon.

You can see some drawings in progress (which are vaguely fun to watch) on the Jack Bauer, Kate Winslet and Fargo pages (I know these pictures are a bit shit though).

I was a graduate management trainee with Virgin Trains for a while, then switched to study psychotherapy. I’ve been a self-employed subconscious therapist (NLP and suchlike), a Smoking Specialist at NHS RD&E Exeter, a volunteer for SHOUT charity, and a Recovery Practitioner for Step One Charity (ugh) as part of the Devon Mental Health Alliance from 2022-23.

I’m still mostly interested in psychology and currently writing a book about how unconscious imagination, the sensation of free will, hypnosis, influence and causality all tie together (currently over 200,000 words). It’s helping to develop a therapy model that allows for cognitive-associative situations (trauma, anxieties, insecurities etc) to be efficiently mapped and worked with using conscious, directed imagination.

My Facebook profile (feel free to add me, although I don’t tend to use social media beyond staying in touch with people on messenger).

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